💁 What Buyers Want To See in Your Shawnee KS Home

Shawnee KS Home

Every Shawnee KS home has its own distinct feature. It could be that priceless Van Gogh painting pristinely hanging in the foyer or a delicate heirloom chandelier passed on from generation to generation or a sturdy kitchen countertop that can withstand the most vicious culinary assault!

Real estate buyers have their preferences, too. Sometimes, the success of a property sale could literally hinge on the type of wood your front door’s made of. Regardless, the buyers’ wishes reign supreme. Success in selling your Shawnee KS home could follow this path. Not everything is about the technical details. Remember, before buyers sign on that dotted line, this much is true: there was at least one compelling feature in your home that completely won them over. Translated to your own home, what could that be?

Shawnee KS Home

What will get Shawnee KS home buyers to buy?

The top real estate agent in Shawnee KS knows that best-selling homes typically have one or more of the following features:

Kitchens with granite countertops. Granite is timeless and durable. It can withstand the most aggressive countertop assaults that cheaper materials can’t.

Here are the top reasons why homebuyers prefer Shawnee KS homes with granite countertops:

  1. It’s less expensive

The first thing that people want to know when buying a home is how much they’ll cost. Granite countertops usually cost $75 per square foot. This is considerably lower than slabs, which can cost up to $200 per square foot including fabrication and installation.

  1. It offers a wide variety of colors

When it comes to colors, granite offers endless options. In the U.S., granite colors and patterns vary greatly from slab to slab so homeowners can choose the one that perfectly suits their kitchens.

  1. It helps local businesses thrive

Quality fabricators are all around the U.S., so using granite for countertops is one way homeowners can support local businesses. Ideally, homeowners can buy granite from places that also fabricate and install the countertops.

There are so many fabricators in the country who are skilled both in design and fabrication, capable of cutting granite stones neatly.

  1. It is more cost-effective

One way of saving money on the ki9tchen is getting the look of natural stone using granite overlay. Overlays are thin slab countertops designed to fit over existing counters. With the use of granite countertops, homeowners do not need to deal with the demolition and mess of removing their old kitchen work surfaces.

Unlike other materials, granite countertops install fairly quickly and cost less than traditional countertops. They are also fairly durable.

  1. It offers a much cheaper option: Granite remnants

For homes with a small kitchen, homeowners can save considerable amount on their counters by using granite remnants. Often, huge pieces of slab are left over from previous job. Instead of throwing away all the remnants, retailers usually keep them and sell them at a much lower price.

Homeowners who find granite countertops expensive may choose granite remnants and use them by piecing them together. The one important thing to keep in mind when installing granite remnants is that it must be installed by a great fabricator. A bad fabricator might piece together the granite remnants in an old way, making the countertop look cheap.

  1. It is easier to maintain

Granite is a good option for countertops if the homeowner is good at taking care of it. It is one of the sturdiest and most durable materials used in most kitchens today. However, maintaining it is a toughwork for some homeowners.

When it comes to cleaning granite countertops, soapy and warm water can usually do the trick. It is important though that the homeowner makes sure that the stones have been sealed property once they have been installed, so as to prevent moisture from seeping into porous stones and leaving permanent stains.

It is also not wise to use an abrasive cleanser as this usually leaves scratches and damages the surface of granite, leaving it more vulnerable to stains and germs.

  1. It locks out stains

Sealed granite countertops help protect your kitchen from stains and discoloration. Most of the time, granite fabricators and installers seal granite countertops once they have finished installing them, but they need to reseal them occasionally so they do not wear off over a period of months.

Sealants for granite usually seep into granite stones, improving their level of protection and durability.

Swimming pool for the family. Many Shawnee KS homes are equipped with swimming pools. This feature appeals most to single millennials, families with young children, and the health-oriented.

For most people, swimming is one of the best ways to beat the heat on a hot day. No wonder, many homeowners nowadays find it beneficial to add an in-ground pool in their home. Having a pool in the home is one of the most ideal ways to cool down right in the comfort of your own property.

Here are the other benefits of having a swimming pool at home:

  1. Good for the health

The American Heart Association recommends swimming as an exercise because it does wonders to the heart. According to the association, swimming activities that last for up to 30 minutes every day can benefit not only the heart, but also the lungs and blood circulation.

Several studies have proven that swimming is a good cardiovascular workout that helps improve the joints, muscles, and heartbeat. Households prefer having their own swimming pools than going to a swimming facility because it saves on time and costs.

2. Good gym alternative

A swimming pool provides a venue for people to perform various workouts. That is why many consider it as a good alternative to workout equipment usually found in the gym. Because swimming involves breathing exercises and requires the whole body to move, it affects the body the same way a workout session in the gym does. It also helps increase one’s endurance, arm and leg strength, and lung capacity.

3. Social amusement

Especially for people who are fun-loving, an in-ground swimming pool is one of the best ways to have fun. Homeowners who have a pool in their home have the freedom to enjoy it alone or with their family and friends, any time of the day they wish. A pool in the home also helps prevent people from turning into couch potatoes, not doing engaging in any physical activity.

Parents who can afford a pool home purchase a pool home because it helps prevent kids from playing video games all day. Instead of spending their days in front of their screens, they can have a swimming session in the comfort of their home instead.

4. Nice investment

A swimming pool in the home does not exist to make a home look beautiful. It offers a wide range of benefits to the physical, emotional and social well-being of the family that lives in the home. Having a pool is considered a great investment because it does not only improve the value of the property but also improves the overall quality of life of the people who live in the home.

Homes For Sale in Shawnee KS

Walk-in closets for the fashion-forward. Many Shawnee KS homes also come with huge walk-in closets. Perfect for fashionistas or trendsetters with luggage upon luggage of wardrobe, shoes and accessories!

Here are the reasons many homeowners want homes with walk-in closets:

  1. They give more room for their belongings

By definition, a walk-in closet is a small room that is connected to the bedroom where one can store and access her belongings. It provides a smart spot for stuff like shoes, socks, ties, belts, jewelry, jackets and coats, as well as every day closet items like shirts, pants, blouses and skirts.

With a walk-in closet in the home, one does not have to worry about jamming or stuffing her things into a closet or dresser that is too small to accommodate all her stuff. Instead, she will have a dedicated room for everything she wants to keep handy.

  1. They provide added convenience

The one major job of a walk-in closet is to neatly organize items so that whenever the homeowner needs something, she can easily access it in a dedicated space near her bedroom. A walk-in closet gives the homeowner the ability to add helpful storage accessories to make it even easier for her to store and access her things. Typically, a walk-in closet features shelves, light fixtures, mirrors, drawers, bins and baskets.

Because walk-in closets are usually customized, one can be certain that none of her items gets lost as she decides where to store them in the room.

  1. They can be used as dressing rooms

Homeowners, especially the female ones, love to have a walk-in closet in their home because it can also serve as a separate dressing room in the house. For homeowners who do not have a standalone dressing room in their homes, they usually use their walk-in closets when they doll themselves up for parties or special occasions.

There are many reasons why walk-in closets are ideal dressing rooms. Aside from all items in a walk-in closet are organized in a single, easy-access location, there is also enough room for one to move about and get dressed in comfort. It is also easy to add a mirror inside a walk-in closet. It can also accommodate benches and seats to help with getting dressed.

Because of its accessibility, if one decides not to wear the outfit she’s tried on, she simply has to take it off and try something else on. It saves time and effort in picking up clothes and putting them away when they are placed inside a walk-in closet.

  1. They help save space

A custom walk-in closet helps maximize available space through storage features like racks, hooks and rails. With a space like this in the home, homeowners are sure that every single space in their home is utilized properly. It also makes things look properly organized—not cluttered or cramped.

  1. They provide more security

When the homeowner is not at home, she can lock up her walk-in closet to ensure that all her valuables and other important items are hidden and inaccessible. Some homeowners even add a small house safe in the corner of their walk-in closets for added security. That way, everything that is important to them is locked up and out of sight when they are not around.

What if my Shawnee KS home doesn’t have special features?

You may have considered remodelling; but if money is the reason you’re selling, spending cash might be out of the question. On the other hand, adding nice touches to your home will return tenfold, in terms of increasing your real estate value. A top real estate agent in Shawnee KS would advise you to start with the kitchen.

Replacing your kitchen countertop may not be a bad idea. If buyers want granite, give them granite. This one feature alone could spell the difference between getting your home sold today and having it sit a few more months on the market.At the end of the day, any improvement that would make your buyers happy is an investment worth making.

What is my Shawnee KS home’s emotional value?

If remodelling is entirely out of the question, getting buyers’ emotional buy-in could also work to your advantage. Every person, every family that’s searching for houses for sale Shawnee KS seeks an opportunity to make new and happy memories in it.Start digging up all your best and fondest memories and let your top real estate agent in Shawnee KS present them in all their splendor at just the right moment! The key is in finding that common emotional thread with your potential buyers. Perhaps if you and your buyer have kids of the same age, your realtor can build a picture of how you and your child enjoyed all those times together in your home. Along the way, he or she can point out specific areas of the house where those fondest memories were made.Now that you’ve taken stock, let’s get on with a complete real estate evaluation of your house. My team and I are the best REALTORSⓇ in Shawnee KS, and we’ll be happy to help you sell your Shawnee KS home. Call me, Lea Deo, at 913-233-9547. Let’s talk soon!

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