Most Popular Home Features Buyers Want

Homes for Sale in Shawnee KS

What features are you looking for in a Shawnee home?

Most buyers come with a wish list- a list of specific amenities and features they want from a Shawnee KS home for sale, and they are willing to spend top dollar when their requirements are met.

Though each buyer has different requirements based on their different needs, it is surprising that there are certain home features common in many buyers wish lists. Many of these features are top priorities for clients, while some are good-to-have. Most of the features are also chosen for the convenience they provide to the clients.

Most popular new home features buyers want

From open floor concepts to large walk-in closets, these home features and amenities are present in most of the new homes for sale in Shawnee KS. Take a look at some of the most popular home features buyers love.

Homes for Sale in Shawnee KS

 1. Open floor concept

An open floor concept is among the most in-demand features because it amplifies space, gives the room a lift, and allows convenient interaction among family members. Even decent sized homes look bigger, brighter, and more spacious with an open floor concept. 

The merge of different living spaces into one great room is perfect especially if you love entertaining since it allows you to prepare meals and host at the same time. 

Modern homeowners love the open floor layout for the following reasons: 

  • Easy and convenient entertaining

One of the reasons many people like the open floor concept is because of entertaining. In an open concept home, guests don't have to be limited in the formal living room. Instead, they are free to roam around the different parts of the room because there are no walls to divide the common area. This makes an open concept layout perfect for gatherings and celebrations. 

  • Safety

An open floor layout is appealing to many parents because they can multitask, like cook dinner or work, while keeping an eye on their children. Having no walls means parents can efficiently do their tasks while looking out for their children.

  • Flexibility

Open floor layouts offer more flexibility in terms of the use of space. Traditional floor plans have designated spaces, like the formal living room, dining room, etc. These various spaces don't leave much room to work with, or the owner may have no need for this room. On the other hand, an open concept floor plan offers the flexibility to make dining areas as big or small as they see fit and can even adjust the rooms on the fly on those occasions when people are coming over.

2.  Hardwood floor

New Homes for Sale in Shawnee KS

Visit all new homes for sale in Shawnee and you’ll notice that all feature hardwood floors on the main floor. Hardwood floor is a popular choice among home buyers these days for its timeless and elegant appeal. 

It is also durable and can last for a long time, especially when well-maintained. It high resistance against stains and spills, and is easier to clean than carpets. And, it has a certain appeal that radiates warmth, and this appeal easily ties to the feel of a space, giving it a cozy and inviting vibe.

Most importantly, the hardwood floor increases a home’s value. Hardwood floors can help sell your home faster and for more money. It is the preferred flooring choice for many home buyers. 

If you are planning to sell your Shawnee KS real estate property and would like to increase its value, installing hardwood floor is a good choice. 

What to consider when buying hardwood floor?

There are many different types of hardwood. Here's how to choose the right hardwood floor for your home. 

  • Consider your lifestyle and foot traffic

Do you entertain a lot? Do you have children and pets? What kind of lifestyle do you have? When selecting a hardwood floor, it's important to think about the daily wear and tear it will endure. This way, you can better decide on the density and hardness of the various wood species. 

If you own a pet or have a high traffic household, a hand-scraped and distressed or wire-brushed hardwood is better for you. This kind of wood conceals small scratches and dents compared to a regular smooth finished hardwood. 

If you want elegance,  a block of wood like Brazilian Cherry or Domestic White Oak is a great choice. 

  • Solid or engineered?

Solid hardwood floor is typically ¾” thick and is available in various widths.  It is exactly as you imagine it, solid wood throughout.

Engineered hardwood flooring is offered anywhere from ⅜” up to ¾” in thickness and also comes in a wide range of widths.  However, engineered flooring is made up of a layer of solid wood on top of numerous layers of soft lumber plywood. 

Hardwood's best feature is its stability. Today, you can have the look of the popular wide plank hardwood through engineered products. Engineered wood floors serve as the best option for basement.  

  • Prefinished or site finished floor?

Prefinished flooring has been prepared — sanded, stained, and coated with polyurethane — in a factory. All you need to do is install it. 

Site finished flooring is hardwood installed on site, sanded, stained and finished with a custom look. 

  • Consider your home style

Your taste, style, and interior decor should all be considered when choosing a wood floor. You need to look at your cabinetry, furniture, and wall colors to find a hardwood style that will compliment the already existing fixtures in your home. 

Hardwood comes in various board widths. There are narrow strips, wider planks, and parquet squares. Strips give the illusion of more space, planks give a rustic look, and parquet floors, suit formal spaces.

Wood floors also come from different species which vary in durability, grain patterns, and color. Oak, maple, and cherry are the most common ones. Hardwood floors also come in various colors, textures, hardness, and finish. 

  • Consider your budget

When thinking of the costs of the hardwood floor, you need to remember that you don't just budget for the hardwood floor. You also need to budget for the installation, the size of the area where you'll be installing the wood floor, and the disposal of the existing floor. 

3. Energy efficient windows and appliances

Many home buyers prefer homes with energy efficient features.  Buyers are constantly looking into ways to cut their expenses because they’ve already spent so much on buying the house and the closing costs. Energy efficient appliances  lower energy costs which provides significant savings to them.

What are the benefits of energy efficient windows?

  • Save energy. Energy efficient windows lower energy costs by eliminating the need to produce too much cold or hot air due to air leakage and entry during summer and winter. Energy efficient windows keep the house warm and cozy during winter, and cool during the summer season, and you won't even have to worry about air leakage. 

  • Better comfort . Energy efficient windows are designed to eliminate drafts. Drafty windows is common among older, non-energy efficient windows and is one of the most common complaints by home owners. 

  • Lower HVAC expenses. When the house is protected against leaks and drafts, the homeowners can install smaller heating and cooling systems which cost less. 

  • Better light and views. Energy efficient windows give you a clear exterior view. 

  • Increased peace and quiet. Did you know that energy efficient windows also reduce sound transmission? This results in less unwanted noise, a major plus for many property owners. 

4. Modern eat-in kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is also one of the frequently visited spot during open houses. Buyers would like to know that they can cook or prepare meals conveniently. They love kitchens that are large, with plenty of storage space, sufficient countertops and  modern appliances.

If you are planning to sell your home and have not yet decided on what parts to update, the kitchen should be on top of your list. Check out this remodeling tips for your kitchen for resale:

Shawnee KS Homes for Sale
  • Complicated color themes and ornate kitchens are out! 

Opt for a minimalistic approach when it comes to your kitchen. White a great color for your cabinets, kitchen furniture, decor, etc. Gray is another good choice. It's a great color to use when you're trying to create a modern yet inviting hub for entertaining. 

With white and gray as the base for the kitchen theme, you can then incorporate vibrant colors as statement pieces. For example, a green plant on a clean and minimalistic table creates a focal design that is charming, inviting, and pleasing for anyone who walks in the room. 

  • Go for pocket friendly updates

 A brand new kitchen is great, but if you're updating for resale, you may not recoup your expenses on a high-end renovation. Instead, go for something more affordable and budget friend. 

  • Open up the space

If you have a small kitchen and your floor plan allows for some walls to be knocked it, get ready to open up the space. Most buyers really prefer an open floor plan. 

  • Opt for granite

Most buyers prefer a granite countertop, but this counter can be expensive! If you're planning to upgrade your counter, go for a solid surface that looks like granite. Or get ready to shop around because there are some granite counters you can buy at a cheaper price. 

  • Focus on function

A beautiful kitchen is a must-have feature, but don't forget about its efficiency and function. A functional kitchen includes hidden storage drawers that pull out for easy access and built-in storage racks. 

5.  Updated bathrooms

This is an absolute necessity for home buyers. A modern bathroom provides the highest comfort and convenience. Some buyers check the condition of the plumbing fixtures, the newer the better.  

Most buyers of homes for sale in Shawnee KS prefer large master bathrooms, and decent-sized bathrooms for the rest of the house. Many look for a separate walk-in shower, clean and updated tile works, and new lighting fixtures.

Most Popular Shawnee KS Home Features Buyers Want - Updated master bathroom

Here's how you can remodel your bathrooms with resale in mind:

  • Focus on visuals

Buyers shop with their eyes first. When a potential buyer looks at the listing photos or when they walk inside that bathroom, their first impressions will be based on what they see. If you're trying to decide between updating the lighting or adding a new flushing mechanism, go for the visuals. Bathroom features like tile colors, wall colors, and the quality of fixtures all come into play. 

  • Find out what the buyers want

When you're trying to update a bathroom, go for what buyers want, not what you want. Instead of opting for a blue tile, opt for a mainstream tile choice that will be more likely to appeal to a great number of potential buyers. 

  • Choose neutral colors

Go for neutral colors when painting the bathroom. Neutrals look clean and timeless. They are also easier to personalize. Opt for whites, light grays, and beige colors for your bathroom. 

  • Add storage space

Storage space in the bathroom is a must for many buyers. They want to see that there's room for toiletries, extra toiletries, towels, etc. 

6. Walk-in closets. Many buyers prefer walk-in closets because of the convenience it offers. They get to have sufficient storage for not just their clothes, but also shoes, bags, jackets and coats, etc. Having a dedicated space where they are neatly hung instead of folded and crammed in small drawers  and more preferable.

7. Laundry room. You’ll be surprised to see how many buyers ask if there is a separate laundry room.  Again, it is also about convenience. Having a space just for laundry means being more organized, and separating the mess from a regular living space.

8. Outdoor living spaces. Buyers seek for a home which they can turn into a haven. Having a great outdoor living space, be it a patio or a deck, where they can enjoy a good backyard view, or simply relax and bond with their loved ones, is an important home feature for them.


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