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👉Shawnee KS Home: 4 Expectations You Should Have When Selling

Shawnee KS Homes

Whether you’re relocating to a new area or downsizing, most people will find themselves selling their Shawnee KS home at one point in their lives. 

Selling your home can be a challenging feat, especially if you’re not sure what to expect. Before you make any decision, it is best to use the services of a competent real estate professional who has experience in selling Shawnee KS homes.

That would be me, Lea Deo. I have been in the real estate business since 2003. It is my joy to help people meet their real estate needs.

One of the best things about being in this profession is the fact that there can be no two similar transactions. Every day, there are different things that arise with the transactions that we handle, making it virtually impossible that a dull day exists. While this is a great thing for us real estate agents, this does not mean it is also a great thing for buyers and sellers.

Because no two transactions are the same, there’s a wealth of challenges that buyers and sellers need to overcome. Before you sell a home, be prepared to face different challenges throughout the transaction and even before you even list your home for sale. Some of these challenges are more common than others, so it is important that you hire an agent to assist you every step of the way.

Here are four things you should expect throughout the home selling process to help lead to a successful home selling experience.

1.  Expect changes

There will be many changes. As you get your home ready for sale, you should work on making your property as marketable as possible. As your real estate agent, I will work with you on creating a plan that will not only show your home in its best light but will give you the best return on investment.

Some home sellers consider home staging as optional, but for me, it really should not be. Especially when you are dealing with such a very important transaction, you are not to be too lax thinking that someone will bite the bait without any effort on your part.

Do not be lazy and settle for a lower selling price when you can stage your home and accept a high offer for your property. When you stage your home, you do not need to wait for long to find a buyer.

As an agent, I always remind my clients that potential buyers are not simply looking for a structure to live in, but someplace where they can fulfill their dreams and improve their lifestyles. With home staging, a home seller helps sell those dreams and creates a more emotional purchase that can generate more money for the seller.

Shawnee KS Real Estate Properties

Another benefit of home staging is that since buyers who are in the market for houses for sale Shawnee KS do not want to see work that needs to be done upon moving in, a beautifully staged home is quick to capture their interest. Traditionally, a cost is deducted from the offering price for every problem that a potential homebuyer spots in a property. If the potential buyer sees too many problems, chances are he will pass altogether.

If you are on a limited budget, the best thing to do is to focus on big-picture improvements and on areas that will make a huge difference in the selling price of your home. Because first impressions matter, these improvements primarily include the exterior and entryway of your home, as well as the living room, kitchens and bathrooms, the master bedroom and outdoor living space such as the back patio.

When it comes to your kitchen, remember that potential buyers love seeing new appliances that come with the home that they are buying. If you think that’s not possible, then you can simply make the old ones seem spotless. Make sure your kitchen appliances do not have splattered spaghetti sauce, films of grease or crumbs. Same way in the bathroom—make sure the tiles sparkle. Our goal is to make everything in your home look new.

Here are some tips for staging your Shawnee KS home:


If you want potential buyers want to buy your home, allow them to envision themselves in your property. You can do this by removing all your family photos and refrigerator art that may remind them that the home is not theirs.


Aside from clutter distracts potential buyers from your home’s features, it also makes it seem like your home does not have enough storage space. To make your home look more attractive, put away all the knickknacks by boxing them up. Keeping everything in your closet may not be the best strategy, because homebuyers are always interested in closet space. If they find all your stuff tossed into it, they might think your closet space is not enough for their own stuff.

Paint walls

Most homebuyers do not like wallpaper. If the walls of your home has it, better tear it down and paint your walls with neutral colors instead. Do not ever think of painting over the wallpaper. Not only will it make your walls look shabby, it will also send red flags for potential buyers about the amount of work they need to do later on.


Several conditions may make your home smell—pets, what you just ate, a mildew-covered bathroom. Since most homeowners are already immune to their home’s smell, it is best to have a friend or neighbor to help you out in removing the unnecessary odors in your home.

Take care of the exterior

The exterior of your home is what will most probably determine potential homebuyers’ interest in viewing the interior of your home. So before you even care about what’s inside, make sure that your home looks good on the outside.

Take care of your lawn and hedges and make sure your plants and trees are well-maintained. Make sure also to brighten your windows and wash them well. You can even power wash the exterior of your home to make it look freshly painted. Also, don’t forget the sidewalk that leads up to your house—make sure it is clear and clean.

Some homeowners who are planning to sell their homes even go as far as creating some sort of an outdoor living space in their backyard such as a deck or patio in order to use the exterior of their homes to their greatest advantage.

As your agent, I will make sure that your home looks its best before you put it on the market. With years of real estate experience under my belt, I know how boosting a home’s appeal can help sell his property fast and for the most money.

2. Expect inconvenience

Shawnee KS Homes for Sale - Find out the mistakes to avoid when selling your Shawnee KS home.

Here’s one thing you should anticipate—inconvenience is part of the selling experience. If you want to sell your Shawnee KS home, expect to be inconvenienced in the process. Putting your home on the market entails disruption of your daily schedule, removal of your personal items, and major facelift in some areas of your home.

Maintaining a “show worthy” home is one of the more annoying inconveniences of the selling process. This is especially true if you have kids, but you can make things easier by decluttering as much as possible before listing your home.

Some of the inconveniences involved in selling a home have to do with people who do not follow a set schedule. Expect to come across such people when selling your home, especially from those who are looking for houses for sale by owner Shawnee KS. While you hope to be notified at least a day before showing, there will be times when a homebuyer gives you a call and wants to come by immediately. That happens, and it’s annoying.

But while last-minute showings can be annoying at times, just remember that the homebuyer who winds you up may be the one to end up buying your home, so try to be patient.

You will also come across buyers who do not arrive for showings without their agent informing your agent that they are not coming. The worst part is when you work up a sweat getting your property cleaned and putting all the unnecessary stuff away. That’s too much of an inconvenience on your part, but it happens. There is always a possibility that you will have to wait around for a buyer to come over and that buyer will not arrive.

While that can be irritating, do not let it get to you. If you hire me as your agent, you can always reach out and verify with me if the buyer still plans to come.

There are times when a potential buyer arrives, but you realize after the showing that your home has been damaged or something gets missing. It could be a homebuyer knocking your insulation loose or bumping into something fragile and knocking it over. Worse than those, theft from an open house. Such instances are not impossible, considering that having an open house means having strangers wander all over your home.

If you realize that something was damaged or got missing in your home, the first thing to do is to ask the buyer’s agent about what happened. You can also have your homeowners insurance cover the cost.

If you do not want to experience such things, you can go for scheduled showings. These showings are far less risky since there is only one party that the agent needs to monitor. With an open house, multiple parties often view a property at once, dramatically increasing the risk of leaving your home damaged.

Another thing to expect when selling a home is getting feedback from homebuyers. Although feedback can be helpful, there are times when it can make you want to scream. Your home is your pride and joy, and being told that your kitchen is horrible or your house stinks can be annoying, especially when you worked hard preparing for the open house.

Always keep in mind that most feedback tends to be negative. While those who are interested to buy your home will make an offer, those who do not will tell you the reason why. It is not advisable that you completely ignore all the negative comments, but you are not supposed to make them get to you either. There are going to be times when a real estate agent or buyer can be brutally honest. Although what you get from them may not be what you want to hear, their negative feedback can help you improve your house to boost its appeal.

Shawnee KS Home for Sale

3. Expect negotiations

It’s exciting to get an offer on your house. However, there are lots of details that go into seeing the negotiation through to the end. Throughout the home selling process, you will encounter a number of different negotiations. Keep in mind that the choices you will be making when negotiating will have an effect on how much you will walk away with.

Sometimes, selling a home will just make you want to cry. After dealing with the annoyances of selling your beloved property after endless showings, you finally get an offer. Unfortunately, the potential buyer is insane, submitting a bid he got from Shawnee KS that makes absolutely no sense.

When selling a home, expect seemingly endless negotiations. Getting low-ball offers is normal, especially when you have just put your home on the market. This may annoy you at first, because you set a price that you think is reasonable and you expect to get at least that much on your home.

Although low-ball offers may be upsetting, you can change your perspective so they do not upset you.  Of course, ridiculous offers are inevitable, but the fact that someone wants to buy your home is a sign enough that you are on the right track. The fact that you are negotiating because of a low-ball offer only means that your home selling works. Also, getting low-ball offers is better than getting no offer at all.

You don’t have to worry about this part. As an agent, one of the various tasks I deal with is the face-to-face negotiations. I understand and deal with other real estate agents and speak the same language. I have the knowledge, expertise,  and experience to assist you in negotiating the sale of your home.

4. Expect top dollar

Every seller hopes to sell their home fast and for top dollar. So what can we do to achieve this goal?

I will help you understand the market conditions and trends in your area by providing you with a comparative market analysis (CMA). A CMA shows the prices of comparable, recently sold homes and also homes that are currently on the market. Looking at the competition will give you a good idea of where to set your price.

Aside from pricing your home competitively, you can also set the stage for success by showing your house at its best and working with me to create the best marketing possible.

Looking for more tips about selling a Shawnee KS home? Check out for more helpful ideas on how to get your home ready for sale.

When you want a smooth and successful real estate journey, call me, Lea Deo, at 913-233-9547. Let’s talk about how we can get your home ready to sell fast and for its best price.

🏠How to Make Your Home for Sale in Shawnee Kansas a Smart Home

New Homes for Sale in Shawnee Kansas

Now is the era of the smart home.  Almost 80 percent of home buyers prefer to buy the convenience and security a smart automated home has to offer, so if you’re wondering how to turn your home for sale in Shawnee a smart one, read on. 

What is a smart home?

A smart home is a residence where the various devices or appliances are automated and perform tasks normally handled by people. These devices operate through voice commands or through artificial intelligence. When all these appliances are linked through a communication network, then you have a ‘smart home’.

Shawnee KS Homes

This idea has become a more accessible reality now that smart devices are getting simpler to set up and are less expensive.

The Internet has also made it easier and faster to create a smart home. The improved signal range of Wi-Fi routers means that a router can offer a bigger wireless coverage, spanning across more rooms in the house, allowing more appliances to be connected.

Why build a smart home?

Have you experienced already being halfway to the office or your destination and suddenly you remembered you forgot to turn off the AC? How about wanting increased security in your home when you’re away?

These are only a couple of scenarios where having a smart home can come in handy.

Benefits of building a smart home

Automating your home is a great way of looking cool and keeping up with technology, but it's more than that. Here are some amazing benefits of home automation:

 1. Add convenience

Newer domestic appliances have smart technology built in them.  A smart watering system will allow you to water your garden while you’re miles away.  

You can control your kitchen appliances, temperature, multimedia systems, and even curtains with your smartphone.

Millennials, who make up a large percentage of home buyers, prefer tech products that adapt to busy lifestyles.  

How many devices do you have at home? Many Shawnee KS home has heating and air conditioning appliances, computers, oven, refrigerator, washing machine, clothes dryers, dishwashers, TV, water heater, lighting, and more.

Being able to keep all the technology connected through one device is highly convenient, a massive step towards the future of technology in people's lives. All you need to do is to use one app that can tap into the various devices in your home.

In most cases, all you need is your phone or tablet to be able to connect. Of course,  you have to make sure that your gadgets and appliances are compatible with one another.

2. Better control

Can you imagine just how much control you have in your hands if you live in an automated home? You can see what's going inside your home at all times, even when you're in the office.

During the winter, you can turn the heater on 10 minutes before you reach home so you feel warm the moment you stepped inside. In the summer you can order your home to turn on the AC so you can be cooler when you reach home.

3. Maximize home security

Incorporating security and surveillance features in your home automation network will massively improve your home security. There are already a plethora of security devices available in the market.

This is especially more important when you have a family. You want to safeguard your family from any harm, and home security well integrated into an automated home is the best protection you can give.

With your smartphone, security cameras and smart door locks in the entryway will let you see and decide who can enter your home.

Burglar alarms and fire alarm system can give you peace of mind. A well-protected home is a deterrent to robbers because they know it will be time-consuming and challenging breaking into.

Just remember to secure your network. Install security software that works with your smart devices. You would not want to trade your privacy and security for convenience.

You can even choose to receive security updates and feedback for your home automated system

4. Increased energy efficiency

Converting into a smart home can make is more energy efficient, especially if you use your appliances wisely. Home automation gives better control over the heating and cooling of your home through a programmable smart thermostat that recognizes your temperature preference.

Lights can be programmed to be switched on or off automatically when you enter or leave the room. Some devices monitor water usage, so you can track of your uses, thus preventing exorbitant water bills.

5. Reduce cost

Smart home automation is energy efficient. You can save money on your monthly utility bills.

A smart fridge will let you see what’s inside without letting the cold air out.

With a voice command, you can set your smart light bulbs to dim for movie night or at bedtime. Heating and cooling with smart thermostats can bring big cash savings.

If you are not sure how much you can invest, begin with individual smart features rather than a full home automation system. Even simple smart home features can wow interested home buyers.

6. Improved comfort

Another advantage of automating your home is increased comfort. After a long day of work, all you want is to relax and listen to your favorite music.

Having a smart home means you can program your devices to provide the ambiance you love, from the adaptive lighting to the right temperature, and your favorite music, all without moving from your chair.

7. Peace of mind

You'll find that when you invest in home automation, you get better peace of mind, knowing that you're better protected in your home. You can sleep better knowing that your loved ones are safe and secure.home for sale in Shawnee KS into a smart home?

8. It’s a great investment

Another great benefit when you choose to make smart upgrades on your Shawnee KS home is that you also make it a potentially valuable investment should you put it on the market in the future. 

How to turn your home for sale in Shawnee KS into a smart home

The idea of home automation is exciting! It’s also a little daunting, what with all the choices you have.

But before you start researching on what hub you should get, here are five things you need to consider:

1. What devices do you want to automate?

Many people think that when you build a smart home, you have to replace each and every appliance, gadget, and device in your home. You don't have to. Start with what you have.

Identify the devices you want to automate that will really help improve the quality of your life. This could be the home lighting, heating/cooling system, coffee maker, security system, TV, and multi-room music. You can start with a couple, adding slowly any of the devices you feel are important to you.

2. How reliable is your Wi-Fi?

Home automation relies heavily on your Wi-Fi to stay connected and to be able to communicate with each other. You need a good Wi-Fi network to use your home devices efficiently.

The average residential Wi-Fi routers are designed for home use so many of them have weak connections and a smaller range. This is okay if you live in a smaller home. But if you live in a larger home or an older building with thick walls, you want a Wi-Fi router that has a stronger connection and wider reach.

You may find that your home has a black spot, a spot that does not receive enough Wi-Fi connection. Some homes that have several black sports require a mesh network, a network of several WiFi routers placed strategically across the house. This eliminates any black spots.

3. What type of home do you live in?

You probably already have an idea because I’ve already mentioned a little bit about how the style of home can affect your WiFi connection.

If you live in an old home where the walls are thicker, or you have a sprawling ranch-type home, you’ll need a WiFi router with a stronger connection and wide reach.

The same is true if you live in a multi-family home where there are many rooms and different levels.

4. Are your appliances compatible with each other and your voice assistant?

Your main goal in automating your home are better convenience and ease of use. The reason you are buying gadgets that can be automated is so you can simplify things and make use of your time more productively. This means your gadgets should be simple and easy to use.

Most of the things you want to automate at home should be compatible with third-party devices like Apple's Siri, Google's Assistance, or Amazon's Alexa. The more appliances and devices that are compatible, the easier it will be to automate your home.

Obviously, it would be easier if most of your devices are from the same brand. But even if it’s not from the same brand, if your devices are compatible with Alexa, you'll find home automation simple and easy.

5. What is IFTTT?

IFTTT (if this, then that) is an easy way to get your apps and devices to collaborate. This is a web tool that acts as the ultimate automation service for all your web-connected devices. This device allows you to connect all your services together so the tasks can be applied automatically.

This cool app allows integration among different apps so you can have the customized service you want.

How to start creating a smart home

When you’ve found the answers to your questions, it’s now time to start preparing for the home automation process.

Consider the following ideas to know how you can start:

Choose a Home Hub

A home hub pulls all your smart home devices together. Thoroughly research what home hub supports the gadgets in your house. This will be your guide as a start.

Every tech giant has a platform on which all electronic devices can connect to. These smart home hubs can function based on your routine. Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa make it easy to control home devices through simple voice commands like “Alexa, turn off the light.”

Of course, each voice-controlled assistants have their own strengths and weakness. Make sure you know what they are so you can decide better.

Pick the Best Spot

Pick a place where you and the rest of the family spend most of your time.

There you could probably set up a smart speaker to listen to music or hear the daily news.

In every room that you want to put tech smart devices, determine how every device will solve a problem. Don’t just buy a product because it’s cool.

You can also decide to keep tech out of the bathrooms and the bedrooms.

The best way to make smart upgrades is to know how it benefits you and your potential buyer.

Kitchen remodels, bathroom makeovers, landscaping, and other home improvements have traditionally increased a home’s appeal. But smart home technology is expected to rise in popularity as it continues to transform our lives.

Put your assistants to work

Download the personal assistance you want and start connecting. Check your device if it has a mark, something like “Compatible with Alexa”.

Once you’ve connected, you can now start linking device.

Home automation is here to stay. Expect home smart devices that will work well with any of the third-party system providers.

Automate your Shawnee KS home now!

Whether you plan to stay in your Shawnee KS property for years or you’re planning to sell in the coming months, simple home automation will make your home more appealing to buyers, especially to the millennial. 

As always, if you plan to sell your home, it is best to consult first with a Realtor® like me, Lea Deo.

Give me a call at 913-233-9547 and let’s talk about your home for sale.


In case you can not view this video here, please click the link below to view 🏠How to Make Your Home for Sale in Shawnee Kansas a Smart Home on my YouTube channel:

How to Sell My Shawnee KS Home Fast – a Comprehensive Guide

Homes for Sale in Shawnee KS - Comfort, convenience, and space are yours to enjoy in homes for sale in Shawnee KS.

Selling your Shawnee KS home is one of the largest monetary transactions you’ll have in life!

If you’re planning to put your Shawnee KS home on the market, one of the most important things to remember is to not let your emotions overtake you while you are in the process of this long road of selling.  It is essential to distance your emotions from your home as you start looking at it as real estate.

My name is Lea Deo. This post is your comprehensive guide on how to sell your home fast in Shawnee KS. It will contain all the steps that you need to know to sell your home like a pro.

How do you know if selling your home is the right thing to do?

Homes for Sale in Shawnee KS

Every situation is different, but for you to get a bigger chance of getting the best price for your property, you should know how to prepare your home and when to best list it on the market.

Shawnee is a quiet town in the city of Kansas where everything is easy going and everything is simple. It’s a pleasant community with home rates as high as $1,300,000 to less than $100,000. It’s made up of adorable contemporary and traditional homes that have been built as early as 1910.

The neighborhoods put it close enough to Kansas City but still just far enough away that it’s unique and quiet and has the necessary establishments that everyone needs to live comfortably.

Some of the signs that tell you it’s high time to sell your hard-earned  investment and make more exciting decisions are:

  • When you feel the house has too much space and you mostly feel overwhelmed by silence and vacant rooms
  • You feel that you no longer belong to the neighborhood. Perhaps you used to not have homeowners association fees or simply your neighbor dynamics have changed
  • Upgrading won’t offer a decent return on investment
  • You can afford to sell. If you have the amount to spruce up your home and have bigger possibility of selling it higher

And if these aren’t enough:

  • You’ve got equity on your side. I can produce a Comparable Market Analysis to determine an appropriate value of your home
  • You’re out of debt and you have a decent amount of money in your savings. You should be in good hands if you have 3 to 6 months of expenses in your bank and you’ve cleaned up your mortgage and nonmortgage debts
  • You understand how the market runs

Do I need a REALTORⓇ to sell my house?

If you are planning to sell your Shawnee home this year, chances are you’re probably contemplating on whether to sell on your own (also called as FSBO or for sale by owner) or to sell with a Realtor®.

This is just the first of many decisions you’ll be making related to home selling. There will be many more, so brace yourself for the ride.

I understand why you would want to go the FSBO route. The agent’s commission at 6% is quite substantive, and you can pocket that or use it for house repairs instead of paying the agent. You also probably feel confident that you have all the resources you need to sell your home.

On the other hand, you can also choose to sell with a professional real estate agent. Yes, there a commission, but it would be more convenient and less stressful.

Why hire a Realtor®?

The convenience and the less-stressful experience are just among the many perks of working with an agent. They don’t even rank among the top three reasons why you should hire one.

Here are the best reasons why you need a Realtor®.

  • Get professional pricing and marketing advice.

If this is not your first rodeo, you know that home selling is challenging, stressful, and time-consuming.

It takes more than just cleaning and repair skills. You need to know about the local market trend, how to list your home so the right market can see it, and how to price your home correctly. You should also know about home appraisals, inspections, pre approval and many other legal forms associated with selling.

When you hire a Realtor®, you get all the help you need! This is the reason 90% of sellers use a listing agent.

Home pricing alone takes expert assistance. When you want to successfully sell your home, your home’s price should be the right market value. Make the mistake of pricing it too high and your home will sit in the market for months and become stale.

  • Your home will be marketed aggressively.

Mention all real estate and social media platforms you know, your home will be marketed there and more.

The agent will ensure your home is visible through print and online to widen your home’s exposure, so it will have a far wider market reach.

Your home will be listed on the MLS (Multiple Listing Services), a database of homes currently for sale on the market. If your home is not listed, your home will be disregarded by buyers simply because it is not listed there.

  • You’ll have someone to help you with the paperwork.

Home selling involves a lot of paperwork. There’s the Preliminary Title Report, Seller’s Net Sheet, Mandatory Disclosures, Inspection Reports, and others. It can be a real challenge to prepare all these documents, on top of your daily tasks at home and at work.

A Realtor® will help you prepare all the paperwork, including all legalities and documentations required in negotiation.

You are entitled to professional assistance in reviewing the documents and ensuring everything is in order.

  • You have the help of a strong negotiator.

When you’ve received an offer, your Realtor® will negotiate counter-offers, so that the terms of the offer are agreeable to both you and the buyer.

This can be hard to do on your own because you have a deep emotional attachment to the house and may be sensitive to perceived criticism, while the agent is a third party and can relay information in an objective manner.

As you can see, the choice of requiring the service of a real estate agent depends on your knowledge, skills, and personal judgement.

Will a REALTORⓇ do everything for me or can I get involved?

If you are like most Americans, your house is the biggest financial investment you’ve ever made. You are emotionally and financially invested in the house, so when it comes to selling, you’d want to help in any way you can.

You’re probably thinking about getting involved in terms of marketing your home through social media. Though that’s not a bad idea, it’s not really ideal for hard selling because social media’s algorithm is designed for best user experience – and that’s a whole other blog post in itself.

So no, social media marketing on your end is not really the kind of help Realtors® need.

Most agents have a team of professionals to back them up. From photographers, interior designers, movers, construction workers, and marketing specialists who’ll market the heck out of your property, you name it, good agents have it. Your agent will do everything for you.

So how can you help your Realtor® sell your home? Let her do her job and don’t do anything detrimental to the potential sale of the house.

The following are some of the things you as a seller must do if you want the selling process to go smoothly:

  1. Listen to your Realtor’s® advice.

The whole point of getting a professional to help you is so you can have the best advice and guidance.

You may not agree when your agent recommends you sell for a lower price because you want to maximize your profit, but your agent knows best when it comes to the initial listing price.

Refusal to listen to your agent’s advice may lead to incorrect pricing, which would lead to fewer buyer inquiries and showing, very few (if any) offerings, and higher days on the market leading to the property getting stale.

  1. Keep your house clean.

You never know when your agent will call and request for a showing, so keeping your house immaculately clean all the time is a must. The moment you decide to list your home on the market is the moment you start viewing the house as a property that needs to always be maintained.

  1. Don’t stick around for showings.

One of the worst things you can do as a seller is to be around during showings, telling stories of each room and dazzling the potential buyers with your family history. This not only distracts, it also prevents the buyers from asking the agent their questions, one of the major reasons for house showings.

  1. Keeping your pets away from the house during showings.

Not all buyers love animals. In fact, many people are allergic to cats and dogs, so no, you don’t want them in the house during showings. Pets can also have a lingering odor that you don’t want any potential buyers to smell, so another help you can give your agent is to take your pets (and its toys, food container, etc) to a pet shop or take them for a long drive.

  1. Keep your commitments (especially on upgrades).

Your agent will give you some suggestions on improvements that your Shawnee KS home needs. This could be fixing the AC, replacing the front door, taking care of the broken kitchen tiles, etc.

How to get my house ready for the highest offers?

Homes for Sale in Shawnee KS - Comfort, convenience, and space are yours to enjoy in homes for sale in Shawnee KS.

One of the challenges many homeowners face when they want to sell their houses is how to get the highest offers. With so many other homes competing against each other in the market, how do you make your home stand out so buyers will be compelled to offer a good price?

Here are four tried and tested tips that will ensure your home rises above the competition, receives great offers and sells fast. Brace yourself because this involves hard work and serious commitment.


When you’ve been living in your house for many years, you’ve surely accumulated a lot of stuff. After all, a home wouldn’t really be a home if it didn’t have family pictures, a display of collections, various furniture and many other knick knacks you think will come in handy someday. If your home is filled with these belongings, it could look small, dim and messy.

Buyers prefer bright and airy homes.  Do yourself a favor and start clearing out your clutter so there’s more space in the house. Dispose of  any broken items, donate old and unused clothing, toys, bags, books and shoes, and remove anything that’s not important.

Just the mere act of decluttering can do wonders for your home.

Start packing away items you don’t need every day. This includes pictures, children’s art, any decor you have on the walls, books you’ll be keeping, anything that you won’t be parting with but are not necessary in your day to day life should be boxed and stored.

Renting a storage unit is very helpful, and there are plenty of affordable units in Shawnee.

Make necessary repairs

Most buyers prefer move-in ready homes where they don’t have to do any repairs. On your end, fixing everything that needs repair means buyers don’t get to use repairs as an excuse to haggle during negotiations.

What are some repairs you must make?

  • Roof repair or replacement
  • Replacing cracked floor or tiles
  • Flooring fixes – Refinishing the floor (for wood floors) or replacing worn out carpet
  • Patching holes and cracks in walls and ceilings
  • Fixing leaky faucets
  • Painting your home a neutral-toned color
  • Changing burned-out light bulbs
  • Kitchen cabinet repair and repaint.

Here’s a great video about how to refresh your kitchen cabinets.

Clean everything!

Clean everything, from the top of the house to the bottom.

Make sure that you wipe down the top of the cabinets, clean under the sink, and vacuum every nook and cranny of your home.

Clean the windows! Light filters in better when the windows are sparkling.

Watch this video from HGTV showing how to clean windows.

Cleaning takes time. It’s not something you can do in one day. However, if you are hard pressed for time and busy with work, hire professional cleaners.

They can make this job so easy for you.

Enhance your curb appeal

Your home’s curb appeal is the first thing a buyer sees when he steps out of the car. Maximize its use to create a positive first impression!

Amp up your curb appeal by cleaning it, making sure that the front lawn is mowed, the bushes trimmed and the plants cleared of any dead leaves.

Adding some colorful flowering plants and several planters will greatly improve the look of your front yard.

Don’t leave your exterior drab and dry. Get creative. Adding some outdoor features along with a well-maintained yard shows pride of ownership, and buyers will be more willing to offer a better price.

Is this the right time of the year to sell my house?

Shawnee Kansas Real Estate - Experience the slower pace of lifestyle you've been dreaming of in Shawnee KS homes for sale.

If you’re wondering if now is the right time to sell your house, or if there is a best season to sell your house, you’ve probably heard rumors regarding “the right time” to sell a property.

Conventionally, spring is the best time or season to put your home on the market. It is true that the real estate market sees a lot more activity during spring season, and it’s because more people are up and about since winter has ended and summer is close by.

The improved weather condition and in-bloom flowers showcase a property’s beauty. Add the people’s good mood and anticipation for the coming warm days and you have an excellent condition conducive to home selling.

If spring to summer is considered the best time of the year to sell a home fast, the winter months, specifically December to January are the worst months to list a property because according to common belief, people are in a holiday mood and not looking to buying any property.

Did you know that the season of the year isn’t nearly as important as the condition of the local real estate market?

Imagine this. You’ve waited for spring before listing your home because you think it is the right season to sell your house, but so did the other home sellers in the area! Do you think you’ll sell your home fast and for top dollar with such a stiff competition? More likely, you’ll be forced to lower your home price if you are in rush to sell.

The type of market you have will determine if it is right time to list your property.

The market becomes a “buyer’s market when there is a high supply of homes with a low demand for them. In other words, this takes place when the number of homes for sale exceeds the number of buyers looking to purchase.

On the other hand, when the number of buyers looking for houses for sale Shawnee KS exceed the number of homes for sale, then we have a seller’s market.

And if you decide to put your home up on the market, you can drive the price, receive multiple offers, and expect your home to be sold in a few days!

So, going back to the question “Is this the right time of the year to sell my house?”, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”.

Shawnee, along with many other cities in the country, is experiencing a seller’s market. The Kansas City Regional Real Estate Market Reports that in Johnson County where the median sales price is $250,000 in 2017, it is now up to $265,500, and the first quarter isn’t over yet!

As a home seller, it’s a great time to sell your Shawnee, KS home! 

What are the most common mistakes home sellers make when selling a home?

 Shawnee KS Homes for Sale - Find out the mistakes to avoid when selling your Shawnee KS home.

We all make mistakes. It’s a fact of life. We learn from our mistakes, move on and do things better.

But some mistakes can be costly, and this is especially true in real estate. If you plan to sell your home and you did not do your homework right, you will commit mistakes that will cost you thousands of dollars. That’s something we want to avoid as much as we can.

That’s why today, I am sharing with you the most common mistakes I’ve observed home sellers do. I’m doing this in the hope that you will learn how to avoid any home selling pitfall, and if you’ve already committed some of them, that you can come to me and together we can resolve your issue.

Avoid these top five home seller mistakes

  • Overpricing. Your home’s price is one of the most important factors that determine the success of your home selling journey. When you want your home to sell fast, you need to have the right price.

Don’t forget that modern home buyers are Internet savvy and have easy access to the home information when they check online. They’ll know if you’ve been pricing the property too high.

Homes set at prices higher than its market value usually go stale. Buyers ignore them since they don’t have the same features and amenities like other homes in that price range.

Price your home right. Don’t rely on your emotions or the previous upgrades you’ve done to your home. Request a valuation from a real estate agent like me.

  • The house is not ready to sell. Skipping the necessary preparations like cleaning, decluttering and doing minor repairs reflect on you as the home buyer. Your house may have some great features, but if it’s covered up in dirt, no buyers will come near it.

Buyers are picky. After all, they’ll be spending a lot of money so they want the best value for their money’s worth.

Cleaning and decluttering can do wonders for the home.

To sell a house fast, you need to showcase the house’s best features, and that’s accomplished through staging.

Don’t stop there. Make sure your home has no strange odors.

Make sure that minor issues are fixed so buyers will not find reasons to complain or negotiate about price.

  • Not choosing the right the real estate professional. Another common mistake I observe among sellers is entrusting their biggest asset to the first real estate agent they meet.

Not all real estate agents are equal. Some are good, some are better, and some are excellent.

Since your home is your biggest investment, shouldn’t you be working with the best, most qualified, most skilled agent? A great agent makes the home selling process easy by providing you with the right resources and information.

Don’t waste your money and effort. As soon as you decide to sell your property, contact the best real estate agent in Shawnee KS. That would be me, Lea Deo.

  • Taking bad photos. 92% of buyers start their home buying experience online.  The quality of your home’s photos can make or break you.

When you post bad photos, expect buyers to ignore your listing. Would you spend your hard earned money on something that looks sloppily done? Of course not.

Hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your home. Better yet, ask a recommendation from your Realtor®.

  • Selling an unstaged home. Did you know that staged homes sell faster than unstaged homes?

In a study conducted by RESA, results show that unstaged homes stay on the market for six months, while staged homes spend only four months on the market. That’s a 60-day difference!

Also, staged homes sell for a higher price compared to unstaged homes.

Your home will greatly benefit if you stage it first before selling, so never list your home unstaged.

John Maxwell said “A wise person learns from his mistakes. A wiser one learns from other’s mistakes.”

Be wiser and learn from other home seller’s mistakes.  Avoid the pitfalls I’ve mentioned and you’ll have a much happier real estate journey.

Are there home renovations I should avoid?

Shawnee KS Real Estate - Learn the top remodeling projects to avoid when selling your Shawnee KS home.

When you want to get the most out of home selling, there is nothing better than renovation.

Home renovation allows you to improve or repair what you already have so you can sell your property for its best price. When you decided to put your Shawnee home up on the market, you’ve also likely considered the possible improvements to make in your home.

However, not all upgrades can improve your home’s price. Some can even make it more difficult to sell your home. Be smart! Carefully study your options and check your budget before deciding on any home improvement projects to undertake.

What renovation projects you should stay away from? 

Adding a swimming pool. Who doesn’t love a backyard pool? Just imagine all the fun you can have in summer. Unfortunately, though many people enjoy pools, it is a poor choice as a home improvement project because it is unlikely to pay for itself. It’s low ROI and high maintenance expense makes it a liability in the eyes of buyers.

High-end gourmet kitchens. Kitchen improvements always add value to the property, but transforming your kitchen to a high-end, over-the-top luxury chef’s kitchen isn’t the best idea. reports that upscale major kitchen remodeling costs $253,396 with a low ROI of 55.2%. You only get a little over fifty percent back from what you spent.

Luxury bathrooms. While we all love the concept of luxury bathrooms, just like the over-the-top kitchen, a luxury bathroom renovation project is not worth it at the ROI of 53.3%.

Adding a sunroom or 3-seasons room. The concept of having a sunroom is perfect if you love entertaining, but if you’re selling and you want to increase your home value, it is not a good idea.

Extreme landscaping. You don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars on landscaping. While a gorgeous front yard can be enjoyed during spring and summer, the whole face of your yard changes during autumn and winter.

Colorful walls. You may think your decor is fantastic, but what do possible buyers think? When they see colorful walls, they’ll think of it as another thing to change in the home, which means additional cost.

Using wallpaper. You may find wallpaper pretty, but not all home buyers appreciate wallpapers. For them it may mean additional work, which they may not like.

Too much carpet. A carpet floor is beautiful and adds warmth and elegance to the room, but not all buyers like carpet. So before you spend money installing carpet on the entire floor, think again. It may not bring back the money you spent.

There you go, a list of renovations you must not do.

If you’re not sure what kind of projects will be best for your home, call me, Lea Deo. I will help you decide on the best upgrades so you can sell your home fast.

How do I best stage my home for showings?

If you’re selling your home, one of the most important days to remember is the showings.

This is the time when potential buyers come and visit the house. They’ll look around, open cabinets, check out the under-the-sink area, sniff for any strong odors, and basically try to feel if the house is giving them a “buy me” appeal.

It is important that your home is prepared, set and staged for showing.

How do you do that? Here’s how.

1.  Maximize your home’s curb appeal. There is no better time to boost your home’s curb appeal than now. First impressions are everything, and you want the buyer to be happy and satisfied when they see your property in person for the first time.

Check out some pro tips on how to maximize your curb appeal :

  • Power wash the siding and the walkway. Power washing will take away the grime and dirt build up, making the siding and walkway clean. Take some time to watch this video on how to powerwash your sidings.
  • Mow the lawn and clean the front garden if you have one. Add some mulch.
  • Add some plants and flowers. Give your curb appeal a pop of color. A few pots of blooms on one side of the porch makes it look more homey and inviting.
  • Clean your front windows. Your curb appeal does not end on the porch. The buyer’s eyes will scan the whole front section of your property, and it will surely catch dirty windows.

2. Make it sparkle! At this point of the home selling journey, your home should have been cleaned. If not, now is the best time to commit to cleaning your home. If you’re not sure you know how to do it right, get the help of professional cleaners. They can do the job for you efficiently and in a shorter time.

3. Go clean and clutter-free. Clear your home of unnecessary items. Since you’ll be moving anyway, it is best to put into storage any furniture that takes too much space.

Take decluttering one step further and ensure you have no new bills on the table top, that your kitchen counters are clean and sparkly, that the drawers only contain essential utensils, and that your bedroom cabinets have only strategically-chosen pieces in them. You want the house to look bigger, brighter, and more spacious.

4. Paint to update. One of the cheapest and easiest ways to stage a home is through painting it. Paint will breathe life to an old home. It can make your home look bigger and brighter. Make sure to choose neutral tones  because it’s more appealing to buyers.

5. Stage each room, beginning with the living room.

Here is a video which teaches how to stage your living room.

Staging is a crucial part of home selling. You stage to show your home’s potential and strengths. You stage to allow the buyers to visualize the home as their own so they can make an emotional connection, which will push them to buy the house.

How much should I list my house for?

Homes for sale in Shawnee KS - Learn how to set the best price for your Shawnee KS home for sale.

One of the most common questions I get from sellers is how to price a home.

How much should I sell my home for?”, “How do I price my home?”, “Where should I base my home price on?”, “How do I do set a listing price?”, all differently phrased questions but with a common theme – price.

If you’re planning to put your home up on the market, you’re also likely wondering the same.

And you should be, since price is the most important factor buyers consider when they decide which home to purchase.

How do you set the price?

You’ve probably heard that pricing is “part science, part art”. This is because it involves research and a little guesswork. That’s why if you ask three agents to price your house, you’ll get three different prices.

There is no definite formula to create the listing price, but I can help you understand what considerations real estate agents look at when pricing your home.

The following factors all play a role in your home’s value.

  • Sold comps. This refers to recently sold homes in the past three months. These homes are similar and close to your house in size and style. A good Realtor® checks out their listing prices, how much they were sold for, and how many days they stayed on the market.

Doing a side-by-side comparison on all recent homes sold will show a pattern of buyer activity, of how much buyers are willing to pay for the homes, which is a good benchmark of how much you can price the home for.

  • Active comps. These are homes currently for sale in your area. It helps to know your competition! You want to know how much the other houses are priced for so you can adjust accordingly.
  • Expired and withdrawn listings. Some agents even go as far as bringing out data about homes that expired so they can evaluate why those houses did not sell.

This is important because you don’t want to make the same mistake. Learning about these homes will help you decide on a strategic listing price.

  • Real estate market. The local real estate market also in part decides how much your home is worth.

In a seller’s market where demands exceed supply, you’ll find that even if you increase your price by a few thousand dollars, you’ll still get many offers.

On the other hand, if it happened to be a buyer’s market where the supply of homes exceed the number of buyers, expect your home to stay on the market a little longer. You’ll also likely drop your price by several thousands to be able to compete in the tight market.

  • Time to sell factor. Another crucial factor to look at when pricing is how soon you want the house to sell. If you are in a hurry to sell, you may want to consider dropping the price by several thousands.

You’ll be basically selling your home for a good deal, and many buyers will be interested.

These are just some of the things a Realtor® looks into before helping you decide on the listing price. In the end, when your agent has presented his or her CMA (Comparative Market Analysis), it will be your choice whether to accept it or change it.

How can I make my home stand out on the market?

Shawnee Kansas Real Estate - Find out how to make your Shawnee KS home for sale more appealing to buyers.

It is every seller’s dream to make their home stand out so it generates attention and captures buyer’s interests, and hopefully, pockets as well. 

In a sea of competing homes, this can be a big challenge. All the other sellers are also fixing their houses, repainting it, cleaning, sprucing the yard. What else can you do?

There are still some things you must do! I’ve been in this business for 15 years and have seen how some homeowners went the extra miles to make their homes the best there is.

Here are some ways you can make your home stand out:

  1. Deep clean.

Don’t just clean, instead, deep clean.

If you’re selling your home, general cleaning is a must. You need to clean the floors and windows, remove the dust off counters and furniture, and make your home look well-maintained.

But if you want to impress buyers, don’t settle for general cleaning. Instead, do a deep clean. This is a more intensive job that requires longer hours, but your home will come out spotless and shiny.

Deep cleaning includes wiping all electrical installations, cleaning all parts of the windows including the grills, getting up close and personal with the baseboards, getting the carpet washed and cleaned, descaling all bathroom fittings, scrubbing tile grout, cleaning all kitchen appliances inside and out, and more.

Not sure if you can tackle a huge job? No time? Hire professional cleaners. They’ll do the job so efficiently your house will look brand new.

  1. Go minimal.

Buyers love bright, airy, spacious homes, and you can’t achieve that if your house is cluttered.

Pack your things, give away items you don’t need or use, and throw out old and broken items that have accumulated in the attic over the years. Leave only the barest essentials in the house. You want your house to look lived in, but you also want to showcase how much space there is.

  1. Stage it.

Think of model homes. Model homes are beautiful, elegant, and tastefully designed. That’s your goal.

Stage your house to show the function of each room and space. Make it visually appealing. Showcase its strengths.

If you’re not confident about your skills, ask help from a friend. Or better yet, hire a professional stager. Set up your home so that any buyer will want to stay and be the new owner.

  1. Get professional photos of the house.

Make your home look more appealing in print by getting it professionally photographed. This is a crucial factor in marketing.

90% of buyers first check a home online, and having quality photos can really catch their attention. If the photos of your home are bland and uninspiring, potential buyers will simply ignore it and look at other beautiful homes.

  1. Throw in something extra.

Capture buyers interest by  adding an incentive like a brand new TV, paying for the buyer’s closing costs, or offering a home warranty.

Think of something creative and fun that will grab a buyers’ attention.

Try these things and be amazed at the results you’ll get.

Are you ready to sell your Shawnee KS home?

When you want to sell your house for its best price, work with me, Lea Deo, the best real estate agent in Shawnee KS. More than my years as an agent, I also have the skills and network in place to help sell your home. Your part is to maintain it, keep it spotless for showings and ensure that it is buyer-ready.

Call me at 913-233-9547 when you’re ready to talk. I put service before sales but I also know how to get things done!

What’s My Home Worth in Shawnee KS

Homes for Sale in Shawnee

Are you interested in knowing the value of your Shawnee KS home?

If you’re looking to sell your Shawnee KS home, you’re probably wondering how much it is worth. Like many Americans, your home is one of your highest investments, and after years of taking care of it, you would want to get the best value out of your home. Know ing your home value is the best key to determining its listing price.

Understanding the market value of your Shawnee KS real estate

Before we dive into the ‘how’ of pricing your property, you first need to understand what home value or market value is. 

Home Worth in Shawnee KS - Market Value

In real estate, your home’s market value is how much a buyer will pay for it. 

Buyers and sellers look at value differently. 

For example, you as a seller think that the new roof you installed adds value to the property. The buyer places no value on the roof because they expect the roof to be in good condition. 

Or you may think that the in-ground pool increases home value, but the buyer thinks the pool is not necessary and may even depreciate the value of the property. 

Another example is installing wall-to-wall carpeting. You may think it is a great feature and will improve your home’s worth, but the buyer thinks it is too much and prefer hardwood floors. 

My point is, your home’s market value is not based on what you think the house and its updates are worth, and it’s not also based on your monthly mortgage payment.

What are the factors that influence your Shawnee property’s value?

Here are six important factors that affect your property’s worth. 

  1. Location. 

The top factor that influences the value of your home is the location. Where your house is located, whether it is near good schools, medical facilities, proximity to local markets and shopping complexes, and transportation are all important in increasing or decreasing the value of your home. 

Properties near good schools are valued more because good schools are often in demand and are easier to sell. 

  1. Neighborhood comps

Comparable properties (also called “comps”) are properties in your neighborhood that are similar to yours in terms of features, year built,  the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage. These comps are homes that were sold in the past three to six months.

Real estate agents use comps to estimate your home value. 

  1. Home size and living space

Another factor that influences your home’s market value is the size. Bigger homes have more square footage, which means the house will be priced higher. 

Western Shawnee Homes for Sale in Woodsonia

In addition to square footage, the living space is also significant.  Bedrooms and bathrooms are very important. The more beds and bathrooms you have, the higher your house is worth. Garages, attics, and unfinished basements are usually not counted as part of the usable living space, so even if you have a large basement but it is unfinished, it won’t be part of the usable space.

  1. House age and condition

The age of your house is also influenced value. We’re talking about new constructions vs homes built in the 70’s or ’60s. Typically, new homes are valued more because they need fewer repairs, while older homes require more. 

  1. Updates and upgrades

Shawnee KS Home - deck

Most buyers are willing to pay a reasonable premium amount for move-in ready homes. Updates and upgrades also add value, but not all improvements are valued equally. Adding another bathroom, a patio, or a deck increase home value, but adding a pool or updating your kitchen into a super luxury kitchen may not be a good idea. Always consult with a local realtor like me, Lea Deo, before adding any upgrades in your home. 

  1. The local real estate market

No matter how beautiful and well-prepared your home is, the local market will impact how you value the property. 

During a buyer’s market where there are more homes for sale than buyers, you’ll have to drop your price to sell your property fast. 

If it’s a seller’s market, you can increase your price and your house will still sell fast. 

Now that you know that factors that influence your home’s value, you’ll be able to price your home better. 

What’s the best way to find my  Shawnee KS home value?

Here are different ways you can know how much your home is worth.

  • Use free home valuation tools

One of the popular ways is by getting a free evaluation through home online value estimators. The Internet has many sites that offer free personalized estimates of your home. Many real estate sites offer this type of service. 

Though this service is fast and free, I wouldn’t really rely on these sites results. Home online value estimators are not the best way to assess your home’s worth because these tools are not accurate. 

Computers and the Internet can do many amazing things, but assessing your home’s value is not one of them. To come up with your home value, computers gather data from various public offices like the tax record and listing data, which are sometimes inaccurate because they are not properly updated. 

Don’t rely on the value these online home estimators produce. Even these sites admit that what they provide are estimates, mere starting points to determine a home’s value. Home online value estimators don’t know the updates you’ve made to your kitchen or about the patio you built because they cannot see your home. 

  • Hire a professional appraiser

You can also hire a professional appraiser you who estimate your home value. Professional appraisers are usually hired by lenders before they approve a mortgage. These appraisers evaluate the real estate market, the property, and the comparable properties, very much like what real estate agents do. Prepare to shell out between $200 – $400 for a professional appraisal. 

  • Hire a real estate agent and get a free comparative market analysis or CMA. 

Top Realtor in Shawnee KS

You can talk to a real estate agent like me, Lea Deo, and request for  comparative market analysis. A comparative market analysis (CMA) report is an evaluation of comparables or homes in your area that has recently sold. It also contains active listings of other Shawnee KS home for sale. Homes that are under contract but have not closed yet are also included in the CMA. 

In preparing your home’s CMA, I look at the recent home sold, active listings,  and pending sales. In terms of comparables. I check the home style, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, garage, age of home, condition of the home and the property, lot size, and improvements and upgrades. 

I also consider the local community, the quality of the school district, and the natural disasters affecting the area. All these factors are included when I give you a  home valuation.

Questions that influence the pricing of your Shawnee real estate

If it is your first time to list your home, you may not know where to start or what to ask. Let’s take a look at some of the questions you need to ask yourself before finding out your home’s value. 

  1. Why am I selling the house?

Ask yourself why you want to sell the house. Is it a career move? Are you upgrading or downgrading?  Is the house already small for you and you want a bigger space? Are you financially strapped? 

You need to figure out if selling your house will actually help you achieve any of your goals. What if the house sells for less than you hoped. What will be your next step? 

Knowing why you are selling the house also influences how much you’ll price it for sale later on. 

  1. Is this the best time to sell my home? 

While interest rates play a big part in telling you if it’s good or bad timing to sell your home, so does the time of year. 

As a full-time realtorⓇ who has been doing this for many years, I’ve seen properties sell best during the months of April, May, and June but don’t limit your hope on that small window, there are buyers during all seasons. You just have to accommodate your listing to the time of year.

Homes for Sale in Shawnee KS

  1. Should I price this by myself or secure the help of a real estate agent? 

Your home’s price determines the success and failure of your home selling journey. If you price your home too high, your property will likely stay on the market longer. If you price it too low, you are leaving money off the table. 

If you are familiar nor have any background in pricing in real estate, securing the assistance of a professional real estate agent in the best answer. 

Your real estate agent will help not just in pricing, but also in marketing and staging the home. You’ll have professional guidance from the moment you list the property to the moment you have in the keys to the new owner at closing. 

  1. What is my timeline? 

Are you planning to sell the house right away or do you want to stay put until the time to move? Knowing your time has an impact on your pricing and home selling journey. 

If you are pressed for time, you may have to drop the price to sell the house fast. 

Upgrades that payoff and increase the value of your Shawnee KS home for sale

Home improvements, renovations and upgrades are great ways to extend the life of your home, add living space and make living more comfortable and secure. It also makes the property more appealing. 

When you need to put your Shawnee real estate property for sale, will the home improvements you’ve made cause a sufficient impact to yield good returns? 

Here are two things to know when it comes to renovations and upgrades.

  • Not all upgrades can bring the additional value you hope for. 

Some renovations will increase the value of your home, others can make it more difficult to sell. You need to know the right renovations and upgrades for your home.

As your real estate agent, it is my responsibility to help you know which upgrades can increase your home’s value. 

  • Renovations and  style designs are personal choices, and not all home buyers will love the changes. 

Homebuyersave their own preference, and at times, they may not be in love with the materials you used in the renovation.

What upgrades pay off when it comes to reselling the home?

  1. Kitchen. The kitchen is one of the favorite places home buyers check to consider whether or not they will buy your home for sale. 

Shawnee KS Home Worth - Kitchen

Because many people love to spend time in the kitchen, they prefer their kitchen to be efficient, functional and stylish. Kitchen upgrades are usually costly  but have high returns. 

  1. Bathrooms. Next to the kitchen, bathroom renovations are high on the list of considered upgrades when estimating the value of your home. 

Because it is one of the prominent rooms of the home, buyers prefer bathrooms that are comfortable, modern, well-lighted and with a touch of luxury. Replacing your shower/tub combo with a frameless walk-in shower has a high return of investment.

  1. General maintenance. A gourmet kitchen and a newly updated bathroom will lose its appeal when there’s water leaking in the basement. The same is true when there are other general maintenance issues that are not properly addressed. 

Essential components of the home like roof, windows, floor, and furnace all have a life span and have higher returns when replaced before due, especially for old homes.

You’ll find that as much as buyers appreciate the touch of luxury in the kitchen and baths, they would rather have a home whose roof and windows have been recently upgraded  because that is one less worry and expense for them.

  1. Outdoor Improvements. Your home’s exterior creates the first impression that draws the buyer inside the home, so make your curb appeal count. 

Repainting your fence and porch railings will brighten the look of your landscape and will be considered in estimating your Shawnee KS house for sale’s value. Window boxes, porch planters , and a new mailbox are all affordable upgrades that add value.

Siding adds to a property’s worth, especially if it is clean and well maintained.

Shawnee KS Home- Landscape

Gardens and trees provide color, shade, and privacy. Think of how stunning the front lawn will look, especially during fall or spring.

A deck is a relatively low-risk addition with about a 78% return for composite and 87% for wood. You can also opt to include a cover or simply leave it open.

Fire pits and fireplaces are also great upgrades for your yards. There are plenty of fire pit options to choose from, ranging from inexpensive to expensive ones.

However, before you go make any upgrades to your home, remember to discuss with your real estate agent the appropriate upgrades you should make to your home.  Your upgrades will vary depending on the neighborhood you are located in. 

Are you ready to work on the worth of your Shawnee KS home?

As an experienced REALTORⓇ, I can help you with the stress and take the worry of selling your home right out of your hands.

I’ll take care of the real estate jargons and help you with proper market value, producing marketing materials, handling all the contracts, ensuring the safety of your home during all showings, negotiating the best sales price, and selling your home for the best price in the shortest time possible.

I’m Lea Deo. Call me at 913-233-9547 and I’ll answer the questions that will remove all the selling hiccups you may have along the way!

In case you cannot view this video here, please click the link below to view What’s My Home Worth in Shawnee KS on my YouTube channel:

Pflumm Woods Homes for Sale in Shawnee KS

Real Estate Properties in Pflumm Woods Shawnee

Do you dream of having your own home?

If you have saved a down payment and are now prepared to buy your own home, you may want to book a flight to the Midwestern part of the country and visit the homes for sale that are nestled in the hills and woods in Shawnee KS.

You will never regret a minute you spend here.

The hottest neighborhoods are found in Shawnee KS. There are gated subdivisions, single family homes, and townhouses to choose from in Lakeview Estates, Woodsonia Homes, and Shawnee Mission. Today, I would like to introduce you to the beautiful homes for sale in Pflumm Woods.

Homes in Pflumm Woods

Why should I choose Pflumm Woods as my place of residence?

Pflumm Woods is an impressive residential community with 183 unique family style homes.

If you would like to try the best of small town living, this is the place to be. It’s has access to major  highways, to the airport and other local destinations. And if you are looking for shopping and entertainment, they are both located within the KC Metro.

This community is packed with festivals and activities that are prepared regularly by the homeowners association. They also hold garage sales twice a year.

They’re also fond of welcoming those who have just recently moved in by celebrating an annual BBQ night in August called “Neighbor Night in the Woods”.

A fun filled night of well-prepared food and activities for everyone. They make sure they know each other, which makes it heartwarming to move into one of the homes in Pflumm Woods Shawnee KS.


How much are the homes for sale in Pflumm Woods?

A single family home brick and frame construction, 3 beds, 3 baths, and  garage spaces is priced at $282,500. Their median listing price is $211,200.

And if you a have a bigger family, homes with 4 beds, 3.5 baths and a living space of 3,000 sq ft. are priced at $330,000.

It’s high time you live in a house that suits your  classy, yet reasonable taste. These beautiful homes boast kitchen granite tops on order, tons of cabinets, counter space, hardwood floor, and spacious hearth rooms. This is just some of what you can see when you enter a home in Pflumm Woods.  

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Homes for Sale in Pflumm Woods

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Move Into the Place of New Beginnings | Shawnee KS Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale in Shawnee Kansas

Looking for a nice home for sale at a bargain price?

Shawnee KS Homes for Sale

If you’re the type of person who is looking for a home in a small town with great amenities such as quality education, entertainment like ballparks and gyms, and easy access to highways, then you’re definitely the type of person who would love the homes in Shawnee Kansas.

Shawnee KS Homes for Sale are something you should not overlook. With great amenities and at the same time really nice homes for a fraction of the East Coast or West Coast prices, there’s nothing else you can ask for!

Shawnee is a city located in Johnson County, Kansas, and is part of the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. It is the third largest city in Johnson County and it has a great future in sight!

Homes in Shawnee Kansas

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Know more about the homes for sale in Shawnee KS!

Most of the homes for sale in Shawnee KS are of the traditional style. The high-end ones boast wide lot sizes of over 9 acres and above! You’ll find that these homes are no ordinary traditional homes once you see them!

There are homes for sale in communities like the Lake Quivira community, which is a gated community, and some even have a spectacular view of the lake.

Shawnee KS Homes for Sale

You can find almost anything here! From open floor plans with 5-6 bedrooms and bathrooms, hardwood floorings, additional rooms which you can customize to whatever you want, to having updated features like your very own jacuzzi and a covered outdoor paradise with a stone fireplace. All of the high-end homes for sale here in Shawnee KS are masterfully designed to fit your needs.

But if you’re looking for a good deal on some nice homes at a lower price, don’t worry because I’ve got your back! Just tell me what you want and I’ll make sure that you get exactly what you need.

Do you want a 4-bedroom traditional home with an open floor plan, an amazing master bedroom with vaulted ceilings and a euro shower at a price that is sought after by everyone? Or does having a lakefront home sound so good that you want one?

Why is Shawnee Kansas the best place for you to live in?

Shawnee is a mid-sized city in Kansas and is located in Johnson County. Compared to the national average, the cost of living here is 12.6% lower. If you take a look at it, Shawnee KS homes for sale are generally priced lower compared to the general home markets in the country.

Shawnee KS Homes for Sale

The price of homes contributes to the cost of living in an area and it is great to know that homes in Shawnee Kansas are below the median prices for homes.  Also, most of the residents here own their homes. This is a good indication that the area is great place to live in.

In addition, the livability score of Shawnee is 83 out of 100 and it has been ranked in the 97th percentile of all cities in the country. Clearly. Shawnee ranks above average compared to most cities in America. For each individual category, Shawnee has received high marks. It has gained A+ for amenities and B- for education, employment, and housing.

You don’t need to be in the big city to experience great food and shopping

Although Shawnee is a suburb, it does not countless when it comes to dining. It offers assorted and vibrant dining experience which only proves that it can be at par with its neighboring cities. Local restaurants serve different dishes from farm to table fare, Italian food, gourmet burger, Vietnamese Pho and many more.

You can also find various bars, coffee shops, libraries, and parks here in Shawnee. It is also nice to know that there are a lot of errands you can do here within walking distance or by just a short drive. Needless to say, Shawnee is the perfect place to test your new shoes and walk around the area.

Also, Shawnee sits in the middle of Kansas City, making it easier to head to the downtown art scene, hospitals, zoo, football stadium, baseball stadium, parks, restaurants, shopping centers and so much more.

A great community to raise a familyHomes in Shawnee Kansas

Shawnee is a family-oriented community. Most of the residents are family and have kids. This is what gives this town its homey feel. You usually bump into someone you know but it’s still a big community.

The schools in this town are also top-rated. If you have a family or are planning to have a family, you won’t have to look further for your kid’s education. Most residents in this community are literate with 94.7% high school graduates or higher. Also, 44% of the residents have received a college degree or higher. Furthermore, Kansas has its own community college system.

Nearby schools and education opportunities are one of the most important things to consider when you are planning to settle in an area for good. This is something that Shawnee can provide. The public school system in this community is top-level and its test score is consistently above the national level.

Fun activities everyone can enjoy

There are a lot of things to do in this area. If you want to learn more about Shawnee and spend some quality time with your children, it’s a good idea to bring them to Shawnee Town 1929. You will learn more about life in Shawnee from when it was first settled. There are also great food and parks that are just walking distance so you can have various activities in one day.

Don’t miss out on the fun family activities at the Wonderscope Children’s Museum. Here, you will find interactive programs and exhibits that can be enjoyed by both parents and children. There are various themed rooms with programs and exhibits designed for children’s ages.

If you want to learn more about Shawnee’s history and step back in time with your family, visit the 1950’s All-Electric House. It is a fun way for adults and children to have a sneak peek of how things were in the past. For some, it is a reminder of what was once.

There are definitely more activities to do in Shawnee

For some relaxing movie, you can head over to the B&B Theatres. It’s just a few minutes away from home and you get to enjoy a movie in their comfortable reclining seat while enjoying your popcorn, burger or fries with your favorite drink.

If you happen to drive by Mission Parkway with your kids, you can visit the Pioneer Crossing Park. At the east end of the park, there is a playground for kids where they can have a fun time before heading back home.

The Hands of Freedom Monument is just around the corner. When you happen to pass by Johnson Drive and Pflumm, you will notice this monument. It’s a great excuse to stop by and wander around the area while learning about the history of Shawnee.

If you are planning to hold a wedding party, birthday party, meetings, and the likes and you do not have a venue, the Shawnee Civic Center has a room for you. They have several rooms you can rent and they also have a gym you can rent for various events.Shawnee KS Homes for Sale

There are also various parks where you can spend quality time with your kids and family. Shawnee Mission Park perfect for family events, gatherings, and any other special occasions. The lake is gorgeous and it’s great for kayaking, paddleboarding, boating and other water activities. Plus, this park has a dog off-leash area so you can enjoy the view of nature with your beloved pooch.

Nature is also abundant at the Mill Creek Streamway Park. It offers paved and unpaved trails for bikers, hikers, runners, or those who just want to walk and enjoy the beauty of nature. This is a great place to see deers and wild turkeys. You can also spot various birds here such as herons, bluebirds, yellow finch and many more. The lake is gorgeous and its great for kayaking and fishing.

The public parks in this community are well-kept and maintained. This only goes to show that the community leaders care for the well-being and lifestyle of the residents making it a great place to raise a family. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to buy a home for sale in Shawnee KS!Shawnee KS Homes for Sale

Good deals come and go. The best deals, however, go very fast. That’s why you should start your home search right now here in Shawnee KS!

Don’t be fooled by the small-town feel. Shawnee has a lot going for it and is changing its image fast. Once it was an agricultural center that provided commercial and industrial support to the vast agricultural area to the west but now it has become bigger with diverse industries such as greeting cards (Hallmark), telecommunications, publishing, and automobile manufacturers setting up shop.

The area is centrally located to all U.S. markets and has a good business climate. Because of this, buying a home for sale in Shawnee KS is also a wise investment!

The city also has an attractive downtown showcasing museums and architectural attractions, including modern buildings and restorations of older sites such as the 1914 Union Station. Developments and more renovations of attractive older buildings are being added to liven the area and more are coming.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get you ready to move into one of the homes for sale in Shawnee KS! As the saying goes, get it while it’s hot!

I am Lea Deo, your top REALTOR® in Shawnee KS. With unmatched expertise and knowledge of the real estate issues in Kansas, you can be sure that you are in good hands. Whether you are selling a home or buying one, I can be of great help! There’s no need to fear, Lea Deo is here! Call me now at 913-233-9547.

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2419 N. 49th St., Kansas City, KS Home for Sale

Kansas City, KS Home for Sale

Shawnee KS HomesKansas City, KS Home for SaleLea Deo- Best Real Estate Agent in ShawneeReal Estate Properties in Shawnee

Charming three bedroom, two bath Kansas City, KS home for sale. This lovely home built in 1941, is waiting for the right buyer.

The sellers have enjoyed living in their nearly 1,700 square foot home. If you are looking for character in a home, this is it. The beautiful wood floors and carved mantle fireplace greet you in the living room. The owners have an office alcove off the living room. The kitchen/great room is huge and a great gathering space. It features another fireplace and opens to the deck. The master bedroom is large and has new carpet and its own master bath featuring double vanities. Secondary bedrooms have wood floors and are large. The master is separated from the secondary bedrooms for privacy. In addition, there is a full basement for plenty of storage, a two car garage and long driveway. There’s lots of living space in this home.

It’s priced at only $99,000.  Call Lea Deo for more houses for sale Shawnee KS at 913-233-9547.

New Homes in Shawnee

New Homes in Shawnee-Riverview

New Homes in Shawnee

New Construction in Shawnee KS

Shawnee is one of the suburbs on the Kansas side that is still seeing new construction.  Expansion to the west started happening in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.  Although new construction in Shawnee KS slowed recently due to the economy, we are seeing building permits going up and new roof tops being built.  New homes in Shawnee afford the best for living–all new modern homes in communities with a smaller town feel.  Building a new home in Shawnee is a great choice.   If you don’t want to make all the decisions yourself, the new homes for sale in Shawnee offer models and spec homes that are ready for you.

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