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Now is the era of the smart home.  Almost 80 percent of home buyers prefer to buy the convenience and security a smart automated home has to offer, so if you’re wondering how to turn your home for sale in Shawnee a smart one, read on. 

What is a smart home?

A smart home is a residence where the various devices or appliances are automated and perform tasks normally handled by people. These devices operate through voice commands or through artificial intelligence. When all these appliances are linked through a communication network, then you have a ‘smart home’.

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This idea has become a more accessible reality now that smart devices are getting simpler to set up and are less expensive.

The Internet has also made it easier and faster to create a smart home. The improved signal range of Wi-Fi routers means that a router can offer a bigger wireless coverage, spanning across more rooms in the house, allowing more appliances to be connected.

Why build a smart home?

Have you experienced already being halfway to the office or your destination and suddenly you remembered you forgot to turn off the AC? How about wanting increased security in your home when you’re away?

These are only a couple of scenarios where having a smart home can come in handy.

Benefits of building a smart home

Automating your home is a great way of looking cool and keeping up with technology, but it's more than that. Here are some amazing benefits of home automation:

 1. Add convenience

Newer domestic appliances have smart technology built in them.  A smart watering system will allow you to water your garden while you’re miles away.  

You can control your kitchen appliances, temperature, multimedia systems, and even curtains with your smartphone.

Millennials, who make up a large percentage of home buyers, prefer tech products that adapt to busy lifestyles.  

How many devices do you have at home? Many Shawnee KS home has heating and air conditioning appliances, computers, oven, refrigerator, washing machine, clothes dryers, dishwashers, TV, water heater, lighting, and more.

Being able to keep all the technology connected through one device is highly convenient, a massive step towards the future of technology in people's lives. All you need to do is to use one app that can tap into the various devices in your home.

In most cases, all you need is your phone or tablet to be able to connect. Of course,  you have to make sure that your gadgets and appliances are compatible with one another.

2. Better control

Can you imagine just how much control you have in your hands if you live in an automated home? You can see what's going inside your home at all times, even when you're in the office.

During the winter, you can turn the heater on 10 minutes before you reach home so you feel warm the moment you stepped inside. In the summer you can order your home to turn on the AC so you can be cooler when you reach home.

3. Maximize home security

Incorporating security and surveillance features in your home automation network will massively improve your home security. There are already a plethora of security devices available in the market.

This is especially more important when you have a family. You want to safeguard your family from any harm, and home security well integrated into an automated home is the best protection you can give.

With your smartphone, security cameras and smart door locks in the entryway will let you see and decide who can enter your home.

Burglar alarms and fire alarm system can give you peace of mind. A well-protected home is a deterrent to robbers because they know it will be time-consuming and challenging breaking into.

Just remember to secure your network. Install security software that works with your smart devices. You would not want to trade your privacy and security for convenience.

You can even choose to receive security updates and feedback for your home automated system

4. Increased energy efficiency

Converting into a smart home can make is more energy efficient, especially if you use your appliances wisely. Home automation gives better control over the heating and cooling of your home through a programmable smart thermostat that recognizes your temperature preference.

Lights can be programmed to be switched on or off automatically when you enter or leave the room. Some devices monitor water usage, so you can track of your uses, thus preventing exorbitant water bills.

5. Reduce cost

Smart home automation is energy efficient. You can save money on your monthly utility bills.

A smart fridge will let you see what’s inside without letting the cold air out.

With a voice command, you can set your smart light bulbs to dim for movie night or at bedtime. Heating and cooling with smart thermostats can bring big cash savings.

If you are not sure how much you can invest, begin with individual smart features rather than a full home automation system. Even simple smart home features can wow interested home buyers.

6. Improved comfort

Another advantage of automating your home is increased comfort. After a long day of work, all you want is to relax and listen to your favorite music.

Having a smart home means you can program your devices to provide the ambiance you love, from the adaptive lighting to the right temperature, and your favorite music, all without moving from your chair.

7. Peace of mind

You'll find that when you invest in home automation, you get better peace of mind, knowing that you're better protected in your home. You can sleep better knowing that your loved ones are safe and secure.home for sale in Shawnee KS into a smart home?

8. It’s a great investment

Another great benefit when you choose to make smart upgrades on your Shawnee KS home is that you also make it a potentially valuable investment should you put it on the market in the future. 

How to turn your home for sale in Shawnee KS into a smart home

The idea of home automation is exciting! It’s also a little daunting, what with all the choices you have.

But before you start researching on what hub you should get, here are five things you need to consider:

1. What devices do you want to automate?

Many people think that when you build a smart home, you have to replace each and every appliance, gadget, and device in your home. You don't have to. Start with what you have.

Identify the devices you want to automate that will really help improve the quality of your life. This could be the home lighting, heating/cooling system, coffee maker, security system, TV, and multi-room music. You can start with a couple, adding slowly any of the devices you feel are important to you.

2. How reliable is your Wi-Fi?

Home automation relies heavily on your Wi-Fi to stay connected and to be able to communicate with each other. You need a good Wi-Fi network to use your home devices efficiently.

The average residential Wi-Fi routers are designed for home use so many of them have weak connections and a smaller range. This is okay if you live in a smaller home. But if you live in a larger home or an older building with thick walls, you want a Wi-Fi router that has a stronger connection and wider reach.

You may find that your home has a black spot, a spot that does not receive enough Wi-Fi connection. Some homes that have several black sports require a mesh network, a network of several WiFi routers placed strategically across the house. This eliminates any black spots.

3. What type of home do you live in?

You probably already have an idea because I’ve already mentioned a little bit about how the style of home can affect your WiFi connection.

If you live in an old home where the walls are thicker, or you have a sprawling ranch-type home, you’ll need a WiFi router with a stronger connection and wide reach.

The same is true if you live in a multi-family home where there are many rooms and different levels.

4. Are your appliances compatible with each other and your voice assistant?

Your main goal in automating your home are better convenience and ease of use. The reason you are buying gadgets that can be automated is so you can simplify things and make use of your time more productively. This means your gadgets should be simple and easy to use.

Most of the things you want to automate at home should be compatible with third-party devices like Apple's Siri, Google's Assistance, or Amazon's Alexa. The more appliances and devices that are compatible, the easier it will be to automate your home.

Obviously, it would be easier if most of your devices are from the same brand. But even if it’s not from the same brand, if your devices are compatible with Alexa, you'll find home automation simple and easy.

5. What is IFTTT?

IFTTT (if this, then that) is an easy way to get your apps and devices to collaborate. This is a web tool that acts as the ultimate automation service for all your web-connected devices. This device allows you to connect all your services together so the tasks can be applied automatically.

This cool app allows integration among different apps so you can have the customized service you want.

How to start creating a smart home

When you’ve found the answers to your questions, it’s now time to start preparing for the home automation process.

Consider the following ideas to know how you can start:

Choose a Home Hub

A home hub pulls all your smart home devices together. Thoroughly research what home hub supports the gadgets in your house. This will be your guide as a start.

Every tech giant has a platform on which all electronic devices can connect to. These smart home hubs can function based on your routine. Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa make it easy to control home devices through simple voice commands like “Alexa, turn off the light.”

Of course, each voice-controlled assistants have their own strengths and weakness. Make sure you know what they are so you can decide better.

Pick the Best Spot

Pick a place where you and the rest of the family spend most of your time.

There you could probably set up a smart speaker to listen to music or hear the daily news.

In every room that you want to put tech smart devices, determine how every device will solve a problem. Don’t just buy a product because it’s cool.

You can also decide to keep tech out of the bathrooms and the bedrooms.

The best way to make smart upgrades is to know how it benefits you and your potential buyer.

Kitchen remodels, bathroom makeovers, landscaping, and other home improvements have traditionally increased a home’s appeal. But smart home technology is expected to rise in popularity as it continues to transform our lives.

Put your assistants to work

Download the personal assistance you want and start connecting. Check your device if it has a mark, something like “Compatible with Alexa”.

Once you’ve connected, you can now start linking device.

Home automation is here to stay. Expect home smart devices that will work well with any of the third-party system providers.

Automate your Shawnee KS home now!

Whether you plan to stay in your Shawnee KS property for years or you’re planning to sell in the coming months, simple home automation will make your home more appealing to buyers, especially to the millennial. 

As always, if you plan to sell your home, it is best to consult first with a Realtor® like me, Lea Deo.

Give me a call at 913-233-9547 and let’s talk about your home for sale.


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