👉Shawnee KS Home: 4 Expectations You Should Have When Selling

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Whether you’re relocating to a new area or downsizing, most people will find themselves selling their Shawnee KS home at one point in their lives. 

Selling your home can be a challenging feat, especially if you’re not sure what to expect. Before you make any decision, it is best to use the services of a competent real estate professional who has experience in selling Shawnee KS homes.

That would be me, Lea Deo. I have been in the real estate business since 2003. It is my joy to help people meet their real estate needs.

One of the best things about being in this profession is the fact that there can be no two similar transactions. Every day, there are different things that arise with the transactions that we handle, making it virtually impossible that a dull day exists. While this is a great thing for us real estate agents, this does not mean it is also a great thing for buyers and sellers.

Because no two transactions are the same, there’s a wealth of challenges that buyers and sellers need to overcome. Before you sell a home, be prepared to face different challenges throughout the transaction and even before you even list your home for sale. Some of these challenges are more common than others, so it is important that you hire an agent to assist you every step of the way.

Here are four things you should expect throughout the home selling process to help lead to a successful home selling experience.

1.  Expect changes

There will be many changes. As you get your home ready for sale, you should work on making your property as marketable as possible. As your real estate agent, I will work with you on creating a plan that will not only show your home in its best light but will give you the best return on investment.

Some home sellers consider home staging as optional, but for me, it really should not be. Especially when you are dealing with such a very important transaction, you are not to be too lax thinking that someone will bite the bait without any effort on your part.

Do not be lazy and settle for a lower selling price when you can stage your home and accept a high offer for your property. When you stage your home, you do not need to wait for long to find a buyer.

As an agent, I always remind my clients that potential buyers are not simply looking for a structure to live in, but someplace where they can fulfill their dreams and improve their lifestyles. With home staging, a home seller helps sell those dreams and creates a more emotional purchase that can generate more money for the seller.

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Another benefit of home staging is that since buyers who are in the market for houses for sale Shawnee KS do not want to see work that needs to be done upon moving in, a beautifully staged home is quick to capture their interest. Traditionally, a cost is deducted from the offering price for every problem that a potential homebuyer spots in a property. If the potential buyer sees too many problems, chances are he will pass altogether.

If you are on a limited budget, the best thing to do is to focus on big-picture improvements and on areas that will make a huge difference in the selling price of your home. Because first impressions matter, these improvements primarily include the exterior and entryway of your home, as well as the living room, kitchens and bathrooms, the master bedroom and outdoor living space such as the back patio.

When it comes to your kitchen, remember that potential buyers love seeing new appliances that come with the home that they are buying. If you think that’s not possible, then you can simply make the old ones seem spotless. Make sure your kitchen appliances do not have splattered spaghetti sauce, films of grease or crumbs. Same way in the bathroom—make sure the tiles sparkle. Our goal is to make everything in your home look new.

Here are some tips for staging your Shawnee KS home:


If you want potential buyers want to buy your home, allow them to envision themselves in your property. You can do this by removing all your family photos and refrigerator art that may remind them that the home is not theirs.


Aside from clutter distracts potential buyers from your home’s features, it also makes it seem like your home does not have enough storage space. To make your home look more attractive, put away all the knickknacks by boxing them up. Keeping everything in your closet may not be the best strategy, because homebuyers are always interested in closet space. If they find all your stuff tossed into it, they might think your closet space is not enough for their own stuff.

Paint walls

Most homebuyers do not like wallpaper. If the walls of your home has it, better tear it down and paint your walls with neutral colors instead. Do not ever think of painting over the wallpaper. Not only will it make your walls look shabby, it will also send red flags for potential buyers about the amount of work they need to do later on.


Several conditions may make your home smell—pets, what you just ate, a mildew-covered bathroom. Since most homeowners are already immune to their home’s smell, it is best to have a friend or neighbor to help you out in removing the unnecessary odors in your home.

Take care of the exterior

The exterior of your home is what will most probably determine potential homebuyers’ interest in viewing the interior of your home. So before you even care about what’s inside, make sure that your home looks good on the outside.

Take care of your lawn and hedges and make sure your plants and trees are well-maintained. Make sure also to brighten your windows and wash them well. You can even power wash the exterior of your home to make it look freshly painted. Also, don’t forget the sidewalk that leads up to your house—make sure it is clear and clean.

Some homeowners who are planning to sell their homes even go as far as creating some sort of an outdoor living space in their backyard such as a deck or patio in order to use the exterior of their homes to their greatest advantage.

As your agent, I will make sure that your home looks its best before you put it on the market. With years of real estate experience under my belt, I know how boosting a home’s appeal can help sell his property fast and for the most money.

2. Expect inconvenience

Shawnee KS Homes for Sale - Find out the mistakes to avoid when selling your Shawnee KS home.

Here’s one thing you should anticipate—inconvenience is part of the selling experience. If you want to sell your Shawnee KS home, expect to be inconvenienced in the process. Putting your home on the market entails disruption of your daily schedule, removal of your personal items, and major facelift in some areas of your home.

Maintaining a “show worthy” home is one of the more annoying inconveniences of the selling process. This is especially true if you have kids, but you can make things easier by decluttering as much as possible before listing your home.

Some of the inconveniences involved in selling a home have to do with people who do not follow a set schedule. Expect to come across such people when selling your home, especially from those who are looking for houses for sale by owner Shawnee KS. While you hope to be notified at least a day before showing, there will be times when a homebuyer gives you a call and wants to come by immediately. That happens, and it’s annoying.

But while last-minute showings can be annoying at times, just remember that the homebuyer who winds you up may be the one to end up buying your home, so try to be patient.

You will also come across buyers who do not arrive for showings without their agent informing your agent that they are not coming. The worst part is when you work up a sweat getting your property cleaned and putting all the unnecessary stuff away. That’s too much of an inconvenience on your part, but it happens. There is always a possibility that you will have to wait around for a buyer to come over and that buyer will not arrive.

While that can be irritating, do not let it get to you. If you hire me as your agent, you can always reach out and verify with me if the buyer still plans to come.

There are times when a potential buyer arrives, but you realize after the showing that your home has been damaged or something gets missing. It could be a homebuyer knocking your insulation loose or bumping into something fragile and knocking it over. Worse than those, theft from an open house. Such instances are not impossible, considering that having an open house means having strangers wander all over your home.

If you realize that something was damaged or got missing in your home, the first thing to do is to ask the buyer’s agent about what happened. You can also have your homeowners insurance cover the cost.

If you do not want to experience such things, you can go for scheduled showings. These showings are far less risky since there is only one party that the agent needs to monitor. With an open house, multiple parties often view a property at once, dramatically increasing the risk of leaving your home damaged.

Another thing to expect when selling a home is getting feedback from homebuyers. Although feedback can be helpful, there are times when it can make you want to scream. Your home is your pride and joy, and being told that your kitchen is horrible or your house stinks can be annoying, especially when you worked hard preparing for the open house.

Always keep in mind that most feedback tends to be negative. While those who are interested to buy your home will make an offer, those who do not will tell you the reason why. It is not advisable that you completely ignore all the negative comments, but you are not supposed to make them get to you either. There are going to be times when a real estate agent or buyer can be brutally honest. Although what you get from them may not be what you want to hear, their negative feedback can help you improve your house to boost its appeal.

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3. Expect negotiations

It’s exciting to get an offer on your house. However, there are lots of details that go into seeing the negotiation through to the end. Throughout the home selling process, you will encounter a number of different negotiations. Keep in mind that the choices you will be making when negotiating will have an effect on how much you will walk away with.

Sometimes, selling a home will just make you want to cry. After dealing with the annoyances of selling your beloved property after endless showings, you finally get an offer. Unfortunately, the potential buyer is insane, submitting a bid he got from Zillow.com Shawnee KS that makes absolutely no sense.

When selling a home, expect seemingly endless negotiations. Getting low-ball offers is normal, especially when you have just put your home on the market. This may annoy you at first, because you set a price that you think is reasonable and you expect to get at least that much on your home.

Although low-ball offers may be upsetting, you can change your perspective so they do not upset you.  Of course, ridiculous offers are inevitable, but the fact that someone wants to buy your home is a sign enough that you are on the right track. The fact that you are negotiating because of a low-ball offer only means that your home selling works. Also, getting low-ball offers is better than getting no offer at all.

You don’t have to worry about this part. As an agent, one of the various tasks I deal with is the face-to-face negotiations. I understand and deal with other real estate agents and speak the same language. I have the knowledge, expertise,  and experience to assist you in negotiating the sale of your home.

4. Expect top dollar

Every seller hopes to sell their home fast and for top dollar. So what can we do to achieve this goal?

I will help you understand the market conditions and trends in your area by providing you with a comparative market analysis (CMA). A CMA shows the prices of comparable, recently sold homes and also homes that are currently on the market. Looking at the competition will give you a good idea of where to set your price.

Aside from pricing your home competitively, you can also set the stage for success by showing your house at its best and working with me to create the best marketing possible.

Looking for more tips about selling a Shawnee KS home? Check out www.ShawneeRealEstateConnection.com for more helpful ideas on how to get your home ready for sale.

When you want a smooth and successful real estate journey, call me, Lea Deo, at 913-233-9547. Let’s talk about how we can get your home ready to sell fast and for its best price.